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Health Programs


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Health Screening Service

Here at Pharmacy 194 we believe that prevention is better than cure. That’s why we offer a free health screening service for our customers. We offer:

  • Blood pressure testing,
  • Blood glucose testing,
  • Cholesterol tests,
  • Weight and BMI checks.

In addition, our friendly pharmacists can provide you with a range of health advice on a number of different health conditions. We also liaise with your choice of GP and can forward your test results directly to them.

No appointments necessary, call in today for your free health check!

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A Medscheck is an in-pharmacy service provided by one our friendly pharmacists who will sit with and discuss your medication usage. The service focuses on educating you about your medications and how to best self-manage your medication use at home.

The aim is to identify any problems that you may be experiencing with your medications, provide additional education about how your medications work and how they affect various medical conditions. If you are using particular devices such as a blood glucose monitor, inhalers or puffers, the pharmacist will also discuss how to best use these devices to gain the maximum benefit from them.

If any of the following apply to you, call our staff today at Pharmacy 194 to discuss your eligibility for a free Medscheck service.

  1. Are you taking more than 5 medications?
  2. Have you recently had changes to the medications you are taking?
  3. Have you recently been discharged from hospital?
  4. Do you use medication devices such as puffers, blood glucose monitors or injections?
  5. Are you confused about how to use your medications?
  6. Would you like to have a better understanding of how your medications work?
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Home Medicines Reviews

Pharmacy 194 has accredited staff that are qualified to provide you with a free Home Medicines Review or HMR.

This service involves one of our friendly pharmacists coming to your home to sit down and go over each of your medications in detail. We can explain to you how to get the most out of each of your medications and screen for any potential problems that may be occurring.

If you are taking more than five medications and are experiencing problems taking your medications, speak to your GP about getting us to conduct a Home Medicines Review.

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Return Unwanted Medicines (RUM) Project

The RUM project is a government funded project to reduce the disposal of unwanted and out-of-date medicines in the general waste or in the sewerage. It also aims to reduce unwanted medicines in the household which have the potential to cause harm if used incorrectly.

According to the RUM Project, more than 500 tonnes of medicines find their way into waterways and landfill every year.

Consumers are being encouraged to keep in mind the potential harm to the environment from incorrectly disposing of medications and to return their unwanted or out-of-date medication to Pharmacy 194 for appropriate disposal!

Now that I am aware of the RUM Project what do I do next? Its easy…

  1. Collect all household medicines from the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms.
  2. Check all expiry dates and place all out-of-date medications into a container.
  3. Check for any medication that is no longer required or being used by the family.
  4. Take the container to Pharmacy 194 for appropriate disposal!

toiletDon’t flush medicines down the toilet
Sewerage plants can’t treat all chemicals in waste water, resulting in contamination of waterways.

sinkDon’t pour medicines down the sink
Household medicines contain highly soluble chemicals which when entered into water systems can harm aquatic life.

binDon’t throw medicines into the garbage bin
Household medicines disposed of this way end up in exposed landfill sites

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Bowel Screening

Pharmacy 194 is proud to participate in the Bowel Screen Australia program. Bowel Screen Australia is a pharmacy based bowel cancer screening program utilising a faecal occult blood (FOB) test. These tests can be used at home and are easy to use. They are designed to test for small amounts of blood in your bowel motion which, if present, may require further investigation from your local doctor.

For further information on either the Bowel Screen Australia program or Bowel Cancer please follow the following links or call the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program on 1800 118 868


The internet has now allowed us to gain access to a world of information about our health at just the click of a button…but is it all true?

We have put together a list of bona fide websites which contain up to date and accurate health information. If you find something online and want to know if it’s a good source of information call our staff today!

After Hours GP Helpline
1800 022 222

eHealth Record
1800 723 471

Health Direct
1800 022 222

Disability Care Australia

Diabetes Australia

Heart Foundation of Australia

Better Health Channel

Asthma Australia

Beyond Blue

National Prescribing Service

Medicare for all


Guide to Depression & Addiction Rehab

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